Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More from Soho

When a series holds its readers’ attention for seven books, you know the author must be doing something right.  The Globe and Mail seems to agree, giving the latest Seymour of Scotland Yard mystery Soho Crime, A Dead Man in Malta, a place in its reviews this month. 
Michael Pearce’s latest follows Sandor Seymour through turn-of-the-last-century Malta as he hunts down the clues to the death of a German balloonist.  Several other deaths seem to be related, and the author does a bang-up job of describing the exotic terrain and mixture of cultures on the island.  While the shady paradise has its roots in Arab culture, the English influence seems to have taken hold well, but with the specter of the First World War creeping over the pristine beaches, the motivations of the natives seem conflicted at best.  Seymour struggles to put their fears to rest, catch the killer, and avoid having his own body wheeled down to the morgue.  How’s a gentleman to spare a moment for the scenery with so much intrigue afoot?

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