Friday, October 28, 2011

Seriously...Just...Go to Sleep...Seriously

As the sequel to the adult friendly phenomenon Go the F**k to Sleep, your children can now join in the fun with Seriously, Just Go to Sleep. This kid’s friendly alternative allows children and parents to joke with one another about one of the most stressful parts of a parent's life, getting his or her child to sleep. Seriously, Just Go to Sleep according to Akashic will have “the biggest initial release we’ve ever had. It will likely be tens of thousands of copies with a big promotional push.” The book will have similar rhymes and drawings to the original but with added visual appeal to kids. Congrats Akashic to your continual success!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FIFA and Soho...Can it get any better?

It’s the eve of the FIFA World Cup in the host country Brazil. All of the public and politicians in Brazil, from the President on down, have their seats set on the finale between Brazil and their arch-rival Argentina.  Brazil is laying their hopes for victory on their star player Tico “The Artist” Santos along with the Brazilian Eleven. But then, three weeks before the game Tico’s mother is kidnapped. The star is distressed; the public outraged and the politicians are revolted and the case is put on Chief Inspector Mario Silva to return her safely. 

Follow Soho through the streets of Brazil in this suspenseful chapter of the Chief inspector Mario Silva saga.

Mr. Kill : The Seventh Chapter of Soho’s Longest Running Crime Series

The story unravels as a young Korean mother fell victim to a brutal rape in a train from Pusan to Seoul. This tragic event sparked an anti-American rage as some eyewitnesses indicated that the culprit was most likely a U.S. Service member. As Sergeants George Sueno and Ernie Bascom are called in to investigate the rapist disappears. The trail starts getting cold, but with help of legendary Korean investigator “Mr. Kill,” the investigators embark in a frantic search through the Demilitarized zone and all along the peninsula to the Yellow Sea.

Take a Detour With Soho Through The Italian Back-Roads

The date is 1938 and the Third Reich has commenced operation Sonderprojekte, which is collecting all the great art of Europe and storing them in Nazi Germany. Assigned to the mission is a young twenty-six year old named Ernst Vogler. With him are twin Italian brothers who have been hired to escort Vogler and his precious cargo to the border.  But things start to go wrong immediately. The twins have other priorities in mind- a crazed adventure of wild romances and criminal side jobs that’ll take them in a detour through the Italian back roads.  Read what Times Literature declares “Epic in scale ... excels as a portrait of a country at a painful moment in its evolution.” And the New York Times Book Review calls “An impressive and richly atmospheric debut.”

Mystery, Murder, Espionage and Soho

Set in London in the baking summer of 1922. A terrorist ring is targeting high ranked government officials and members of the royal family. As this occurs, a young traumatized Russian woman turns herself in to the British consulate in Russia. She begs to be sent to family members in England to be rescued from her mystifying tragic past.  But is she a victim? Or a spy on a secret mission? The Blood Royal is a story of mystery, murder and espionage.

Stolen Souls: A Gripping New Tale from Soho Crime

The story sets in as financially strapped girls in Eastern Europe are loomed by an educated, kind hearted group of men with offers of jobs in Northern Ireland. The jobs would help them support their families back home and get out of debt. But instead of the well-paying office jobs they ended in brothels. 
This is the account of one of those girls, a single-minded lady who creates mayhem for her captors. Follow Soho Crime in a gripping tale of violence, rebellion and compassion.

London Calling: Follow Soho’s book as it examines the British ruling elite

Its general elections time in London and someone is targeting former members of the highly elite Merrion Club. The society is centered on youthful and ambitious members that are addicted to excess and power. First on the murderers list is the cold-blooded Edgar Carlton, who will not stand while his position to be Prime Minister is threatened.
Inspector John Carlyne of London’s Metropolitan Police is assigned to the case. After finding a body in a luxurious London hotel, his investigation leads him through the dangerous underworld of the British ruling elite. It’s a race against time for inspector Carlyne to find the killer before Carlton takes matters into his own hands.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Break through the boundaries with Akashic Books

Picking up from her previous novel Anna-In-Between, Elizabeth Nunez’s Boundaries is the tale of coping with the changing world. Anna Sinclair has just returned to Manhattan from her tranquil island of Trinidad where a career minded staff has been at work. Their sexual-oriented marketing tactics undermine Anna’s pure artistic work. Not to be deterred, she accepts a manuscript by an unknown author, in her mind a true artist. Her editor in chief however, has a different plan. The marketing team devised a raunchy cover, despite Anna’s complaints; the editor in chief justified it by saying “I read the bottom line Anna, that’s all.” Follow Anna’s boundaries between mother and daughter, husband and wife, homeland and adopted country with Akashic Books newest novel.