Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't give up on Plan B yet!

There was an article in this Sunday’s New York Times titled, “Maybe It’s Time For Plan C” and not surprisingly, found that one of the major hang ups of pursuing a dream job is the clerical work. While most people imagine that running their dream business will involve only days filled with self-gratifying work and creative passion, at the end of the day there is still the paperwork to do that goes into making a working business. 

The article tells the personal stories of several people who were laid off from or quit their current career jobs and decided to take the opportunity to start their own businesses, only to find that there was more work involved than initially planned. One man, Charan Sachar, left his career as a software engineer to devote himself full-time to his online store, Creative With Clay, where he sells his own stoneware pieces.  It sounds ideal, but there is a downside:  “Now, instead of spending his free time absorbed in visions of clay, he spends as much as 70 percent of his day on administration… That leaves little time to enjoy the hobby he loves.” If only there was a way for Charan to hire out some of his administrative work so he could spend more time doing what he loves. Lucky for him and others like him, there are companies out there that do provide such services. 

Hiring companies such as Benay Enterprises, provides you with someone else to take care of all your tedious bookkeeping tasks and financial responsibilities so you can spend your time doing what you love and growing your business. The article concludes that, “… Everyone interviewed said that despite the unforeseen bumps, they would not trade their new lives for their old jobs.”  It’s obvious that people would rather do what they love even if it involves way more work and less pay than their previous jobs, but I guarantee that they would like their jobs even more if they didn’t have to do all the business management tasks. Benay offers the services of an entire business staff without having to hire an entire business staff. Being your own boss is hard enough; why not find a way to make your job a little easier? 

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