Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Online Profiles Need Scheduling, Too

At one point or another we have all bowed down to the social networking sites, becoming slaves of this online community. The virtual persona we muster up, whether our profiles are personal or business oriented, seems to be so significant in our world today. We know the precautions one must take when posting content online, but have you ever thought about how others perceive how often you post?

According to the article How to Create a Social Media Marketing Schedule written by John D. Levy for Entrepreneur Magazine online edition, November 11th, “your commitment to social networking should be consistent, compelling and informative.” Creating a social networking presence is important no matter how small or large your business is. You have to find your balance; neglecting your online profiles can be hurtful to your business, yet being a “social media maniac isn’t the right persona either.”

How do we maintain a balance? Developing a social networking schedule that doesn’t run into your personal or business life makes your online and offline worlds more organized. The article suggests to “Choose a schedule and stay the course for at least six months. As you find success, you can slowly grow your social networking persona.”

Some examples of how to become more balanced are given. Weekly or on weekends build Twitter lists, scan Linkedin for discussions and updates, add new content to Facebook and keep an eye open for new social networking venues. Throughout the week schedule out what days you will tweet, when you will join various conversations, when to blog and update your website.

These tips will help you maintain a healthy online presence as well as a healthy time management plan. To read How to Create a Social Media Marketing Schedule, please visit

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