Monday, January 14, 2013

The Albert Pujols of Publishing

Every rookie strives, not to win the MVP trophy, but to be acknowledged as a real player on the field. Though independent press, Tin House Books, may be perceived as a rookie in the world of publishing, their award winning titles and authors have captivated readers worldwide for the better part of a decade. In fact, some of your favorite titles may unknowingly be a result of this phenomenal Portland based publisher.

Such was the case with avid reader and 2012 New York Times Notable Author, David Abrams. Unaware of the fact that he already had several Tin House titles on his bookshelf, Abrams encountered Tin House title, Glaciers at a local Barnes and Noble. After immediately falling in love with the intriguing opening line, Abrams could not help but to continue following the peculiar story of lead character, Isabel. The author of the acclaimed Iraq War novel, Fobbit, was pleasantly surprised to find Tin House was responsible for publishing the title. Moreover, upon re-examining some of his favorite reads, Abrams found that Tin House was the press behind a number of titles he intended to include on his Best Books of 2012 list. Abrams had come to the realization that Tin House Books, an independent press in Portland, Oregon, was no longer a rookie, but a true player with an undeniable presence in the field of publishing; one he regards to be the 2012 Publisher of the Year in his blog.

However, Abrams was not the only one who noticed the literary quality of Tin House’s titles. The New York Times has recently given praise to author, Christopher R. Beha's, title What Happened to Sophie Wilder. In which critic, D.G. Myers, is quoted saying the Tin House title contains 'what is perhaps the best conversion scene in an English-language novel since [Graham Greene's] 'The End of the Affair.' " With the continuous praise and recognition Tin House is receiving from top names in the literary industry, it is safe to say the publisher has solidified their spot on the field as a seasoned starter. 

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