Thursday, February 21, 2013

Effective Addiction Treatment from Caring Experts at Family Intervention Center

Family Intervention Center
Addiction is a life threatening disease. Fortunately, there are kind and knowledgeable professionals who can help those struggling to regain control of their lives.

Benay's new client, Family Intervention Center, has promoted wellness through education, intervention and treatment since 1991. This non-profit social agency provides a continuum of services, tackling addiction and mental health issues that affect families all over Connecticut.


From their office in Waterbury, Connecticut, the experts at the Family Intervention Center aid school systems state-wide in implementing effective Peer Help and Mediation programs to prevent social injustices such as bullying and verbal harassment. School personnel are thoroughly trained to help students with their often overlooked exposure to stress and addiction.


As a licensed Substance Abuse and Mental Health Outpatient Clinic, Family Intervention Center provides an exceptional counseling program for those plagued by drug use, alcoholism, gambling and eating disorders. Their health industry professionals will work with families and loved ones to arrange planned interventions for individuals in need. Their ability to communicate with feelings, facts, love and concern motivates those who are addicted to seek the treatment they require.


After evaluating individuals and defining the issues clients face, clinicians develop unique plans of action tailored to each patient's needs. Providing programs for co-dependence, anger, families and youths, the Family Intervention Center aims to help those who are both directly and indirectly affected by the disease of addiction.

Next Steps?

If you know someone who struggles with addiction, I urge you to contact the Family Intervention Center. 

Reach them at 203-753-2153 or email Visit online at or stop by their office at 22 Chase River Road in Waterbury to seek the assistance you or your loved ones may require.

Do What You Do Best, and Let Benay Do the Rest!

At Benay, we are honored to provide business management services that enable Family Intervention Center to focus resources and staff time on what they do best -- helping clients affected by addiction.

If you know an organization that would benefit from our financial management and back-office services, please give me a call or an email. We'll do everything we can to help them fulfill their mission!

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