Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transparency and Excellence Bring Kudos to Trust and Estate Attorneys at The MacLean Law Firm

Ian MacLean
When listening to founding attorney Ian MacLean speak about the estates and clients his law firm works with, there is no denying it: The MacLean Law Firm, P.C has its priorities straight.

The Manhattan-based firm was established in 2004 by Ian MacLean. He and the three of counsel attorneys — Philip Bouklas, Jill Teitel, and Richard Hubell — all specialize in trusts and estates law - probate, trust and estate litigation and administration, and estate planning.

The MacLean team works cohesively under the credo that transparency is of the utmost importance in their work. They see clients as real people, not numbers, and put value on keeping clients out of long drawn out litigation processes. 

“We work in a very personal area of the law; and we are always conscientious of that, along with the finer legal points at issue,” says MacLean.

That being said, MacLean and his associates are no pushovers. “We do litigation … from a very thoughtful, pragmatic, realistic perspective; keeping people out of long, drawn-out fights is usually the first option we consider,” says MacLean. “But if a fight is in our clients’ best interests or necessary to enforce our clients’ rights and protect their assets, or if the other side wants to fight, we strap on the proverbial armor and do battle.”


Over the past eight years, the MacLean Law Firm has gained a heaping amount of prestige.

MacLean has been named a “super lawyer” in the New York Metropolitan area by his peers, and both MacLean and Hubell are AV rated – an award given to a lawyer by his peers, ranking them at the highest level of professional excellence.

And yet, MacLean prides himself most on one thing: thank you notes. Amongst the many praises The MacLean Law Firm regularly receives from clients, they have been called uncommonly attentive, reassuring, appropriate, compassionate – and above all, thorough.

It is with this delicate—and what’s more—perfected balance of compassion and realism that The MacLean Law Firm excels. Their meticulous attention to detail, sense of humanity, and strength as just representatives of their people are what make them unique and exceptional.

Do What You Do Best, and Let Benay Do the Rest

While Ian MacLean and his staff are working hard for their clients, Benay is working hard behind the scenes, handling the AP/AR, invoicing, HR issues, and financials, so the attorneys at The MacLean Law Firm are free to focus on what they do best.

If you, too, want more time to battle on behalf of your clients, give us a call at 203-744-6010.

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