Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Remembrance of 9/11

At this time 12 years ago, I was on my morning commute—unaware what horrors were unfolding. Upon my arrival, Dawn Reshen-Doty asked me up to her office saying “Do you want to watch the TV up here?” I had assumed a client was on the morning news discussing their latest book. I then soon found out what the reality was, and just a few moments after I had reached her office—we watched the second plane hit.

The day was spent trying to make sense of what had happened as well as trying to reach our clients (most of them at the time were located in the city) and employees’ friends and family to make sure all were accounted for, and safe.  Due to most phone lines being tied up or completely down, this took a few days. However, even though a few clients were located extremely close to Ground Zero, we eventually found that everyone was safe.

On this September 11th, we at Benay not only reflect on the thousands of lives that were lost, we are also thankful to have the clients we do. While some have come and gone over the years since, our clients are our extended family. We are very thankful to have worked with all of them.

Merrilee Warholak, Director of Client Relations

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