Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Granta Looks Back

As their most recent issue suggests, the European literary magazine, Granta, is Going Back.  Granta's 111th issue focuses on themes such as home-coming and the pain, grief, and distress associated with time and memories passed.

In keeping with this somber mood of reflection, recollection, and rememberance, Granta is literally Going Back into their archives and re-releasing all 111 issues (as well as a few special editions) on a new online archive, available to subscribers.

But perhaps what's even more interesting is that they are encouraging their readers to do the same, with their new Nostros Algos project. The project encourages Granta readers to reflect and post a description of a memory on their website where the fine people over at Granta will match the memory to a related piece, dug up from deep within the thirty-year archives. What's coolest is that some of Granta's most famed writers (Doris Lessing, Arthur Miller, Ryszard Kapuscinski, and many others) will then comment on the posts.

According to Granta, Nostros Algos is "a collective exercise in bringing the past into the present and making it part of a shared experience with fellow users and the imaginations of Granta’s famed writers." Help contribute to the project by visiting http://www.nostros-algos.com/.

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