Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From Washington to Japan: Praise of Soho’s ‘Love Songs from a Shallow Grave’ far-reaching

Colin Cotterill’s Love Songs from a Shallow Grave has seen bountiful praise since its august release and now can add glowing reviews in The Washington Times and The Japan Times to its plentiful exposure.

Washington Times reviewer Muriel Dobbin says of Cotterill’s latest work, “His writing, as always, is skillful and smooth and his plot is artfully strung together. The book fascinates as it chills.” The full review can be found online here.

Mark Schreiber, Japan Times reviewer, was just as effusive, “Cotterill, a resident of Thailand, has a gift for creating memorably eccentric characters, while spinning a fascinating array of Southeast Asian history and folklore into his narratives.” The full review can be found online here.

Love Songs from a Shallow Grave, the 7th iteration in Cotterill’s ongoing series, can be found at the Soho website here.

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