Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soho's Love Songs from a Shallow Grave Receiving Praise from all Places

Colin Cotterill's latest crime thriller, the seventh in a series of investigation novels featuring one Dr. Siri, finds the author's "coroner" in Laos and is receiving immensely positive reviews.

The book has been reviewed by I Love Mystery as "a bizarre story in an exotic environment - one that provides a disturbing glimpse of what war-torn countries seized by new regimes can be like. Cotterill has come up with a plot that is rendered quite believable in this truly horrifying setting.” It has also been cited by The Olympian as being one of the forerunners of the new "exotic, international mystery" trend, alongside Steig Larsson's immensely popular Dragon Tattoo series. Furthermore, the book is going to be featured in the Washington Times book review in the coming issue this Thursday.

Be sure to read the I Love Mystery review and the article in The Olympian that name drops Cotterill's influence on the genre. And definitely check out the book at the Soho Press website.

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