Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Meme to Movie Theaters, Disinfo's Latest Documentary

Jimmy McMillan is best known for representing the Rent is Too Damn High party.  His outbursts (mainly bellowing reiterations of his party’s name) have featured in hundreds of videos online, reaching viral status on sites like Youtube and Funny or Die.  There remains more to Mr. McMillan’s story than a profane tagline, however, and two film makers have recently finished a documentary that peers into McMillian’s life, his history leading up to the net-famous 2010 gubernatorial debate, and how the overnight popularity has affected his life.

Director Aaron Fisher-Cohen, other film-makers on the project, and McMillan himself will be in attendance tomorrow night at the Rerun Theater in Brooklyn for the film’s sneak preview.  The movie, aptly titled Damn!, will be available August 16th as a DVD or download from The Disinformation Company.  Between McMillian’s current escapades and his eclectic history as a stripping, soul-singing black belt Vietnam veteran, Damn! promises not to disappoint.

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