Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Soho Author Peter Lovesey Praised in WSJ

Tom Nolan of the Wall Street Journal gave an intriguing review for Peter Lovesey’s new book Stagestruck (SOHO press). This is the 11th book in the series about Chief Superintendent Peter Diamond-- a curmudgeonly but likeable police detective.  While the rest of the world has moved on and adapted to modernity, Diamond is a character that clings to the ways of the past (i.e. choosing to have no patience or understanding of forensics’ role in an investigation).

Nolan elaborates on Lovesey’s evolving literary career over the years from his first book published in 1970 as a winner of a fiction writing contest to his latest book, noting the transition from period fiction to contemporary police investigation. Diamond seems to be a man of the past coping with the intricacies of an ever changing contemporary world. Can he keep up? 

Read the full review by Tom Nolan in the Wall Street Journal

To buy Stagestruck from SOHO or read an excerpt from the book, please visit their website.

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