Thursday, June 7, 2012

Akashic Books: Two New Releases

Akashic Books, a beloved Benay client, has released two new titles illustrated by Ricardo Cortes.

The first book which is both illustrated and written by Cortes started as a way to teach children about the history of the cocoa bean. However, after an interesting discovery Cortes decided to change paths and instead uncovers the untold past of the Coca-Cola Company in “The Secret History of Coffee, Coca, and Cola”. While there is potential for controversy between Cortes and the company, he remains unscathed and confident.

In the second book, “Seriously, Just go to Sleep”, Adam Mansbach hopes to bring parents and children togetherthe hassles of night time antics are condemned and put to rest.

“Seriously, Just Go to Sleep brings children in on the joke, helping them understand their own tactics and why their parents just want them to go . . . to sleep.”
--Publishers Weekly

Go check them out!

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