Monday, June 25, 2012

Tin House is "Raising the Roof"!

Exciting news from Tin House Books!

Christopher R. Beha is the author of his newest release What Happened to Sophie Wilder. As reviewed by the New York Times Book Review: "What Happened to Sophie Wilder is about many things -- the New York publishing world, the growing pains of post collegiate life, the rigors of Roman Catholicism -- but at its center its a moving meditation on why and for whom we write." Beha also wrote an essay on the idea of the 'new' new atheists in Harper Magazine, titled "Reason for living: the good life without God".

Beha explains that the 'new' new atheists like Rosenburg whom are writers that take on a more philosophical approach to religion as opposed to past writers like Richard Dawkins who focus mostly on the God vs. science aspects of religion. These 'new' new atheists tackle the important questions such as "what is the meaning of life" and "how should I live my life" by eliminating God as a necessity and facing the questions for what they are, if there are no religious boundaries than life can have as many meanings as [you] decide. Click here to listen to Beha's interview with KUOW radio:

In other news: Parsifal by Jim Kruscoe has been chosen for Mediabistro's Los Angeles Book Club and Misfit by Adam Braver was voted Best Cover at BEA and Tin House recently released The Listeners by Leni Zumas!

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