Friday, October 26, 2012

A Time Machine in a Garage Building

Two weeks ago, green land use development corporation, Rubicon Seven, opened the doors of their newest development. Though simply named, the Art House proved to be far more than your typical gallery. The building itself, once used as a garage space and formerly unoccupied, has been reborn and transformed into a wonderful world reminiscent of the small-town New Canaan of the early 18th century. Thanks to the innovative thinking of Principal, J. Tedrowe Bonner, a once useless piece of property has become a cultural center for citizens of all ages. Strongly emphasizing a sense of communal pride and togetherness, Bonner created the Art House with the idea of un-industrializing the rapidly growing New Canaan community. Instead of further development and building modern architecture, Bonner has utilized a building that has been standing for the greater part of a century. Moreover, the new project aims at “regenerating the unique nature of New Canaan” (Bonner), a town brilliant artistic minds such as the husband-wife  duo, Katherine and Gordon Brinley, as well as the controversial acting brigade known as the Sillies once called home. Once a rich and diverse community with a large influence from its many Italian immigrants, New Canaan has diverted from the “global antique center” Bonner remembers from his childhood. This project aims at putting the locomotive back on the old tracks, so to speak, and reestablishing a unique cultural identity within Bonner’s beloved city.                
On October 12, 2012, the Art House hosted its very first event, celebrating the creative spirit and history of New Canaan. During the event, Bonner announced the gallery’s exciting partnership with Norwalk Community College, which will allow students from the university’s art, architecture and design program to research, plan, and program everything for the new project. Soon, this building will be filled with beautiful artwork, all from local artist. As an added incentive, Bonner has reduced the cost of studio rent with one small stipulation; that the local artists come to the gallery and teach their craft to young children and art lovers, alike. If you would like to view the exhibit for yourself, you can plan your trip to visit 100 R Elm Street, New Canaan, CT in the near future.
Michael Iovino, Intern, Benay Enterprises, LLC.

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