Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Has a Serious Temper

Here in Connecticut, this morning’s whirling winds and pelting rain provide only a tiny glimpse of what is to come within the next several hours. Hurricane Sandy swiftly approaches the northeastern United States; merging forces with a true Nor’easter as it makes landfall. This combination, reminiscent of the “perfect storm” back in 1991, could prove to be absolutely devastating. Expected to result in up to 2 feet of snow in areas of West Virginia and Pennsylvania, as well as causing gale force winds and torrential downpours throughout the entire eastern coast, Sandy will be causing more bad hair days than a blind hairdresser.
Residents of the Northeast are not used to seeing this type of wind, and they may not be certain of what to expect. No, panicking mothers, cows will not be flying around like you saw in the movie, Twister. That was a movie, and a tornado is an entirely different natural phenomenon. Sadly, George Clooney and Marky Mark won’t be joining us for the ride either; that is, unless you are smart enough to have both a generator and a copy of a really awesome movie they both star in. What you can expect, however, are a whole lot of power outages as a result of downed trees. That gigantic 300 year old tree in your backyard may finally fall down, so stay in an area of your home where it isn’t likely to fall on your head. Moreover, if you don’t have a generator, get plenty of candles, nonperishable items, and some flashlights in case you do lose power.
 Get the shop-vac’s ready because you can bet that underground basement you have that leaks a little when it rains is going to turn into the Nile River after this storm passes through. Flash floods are inevitable when you get more than 3 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. If you live near the water, especially the Long Island Sound, make your way inland. Storm surges are expected to hit 11 feet above high tide by tomorrow morning. That means if you live anywhere less than 11 feet above sea level, anywhere around the coast, your house will more than likely be completely flooded. In all seriousness, make a hotel reservation just in case the worst does happen and you do need to leave your homes. Most importantly, keep yourself and your families safe from this storm. Stay inside, whether at your homes or in a shelter, and try not to worry too much about potential property damage. Belongings can always be replaced.
Michael Iovino, Intern, Benay Enterprises.

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