Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Soho Crime Announces New Crime Trilogy

Benay client, Soho Crime, has released a thrilling new crime novel that is certain to steal your attention. Crashed, written by Edgar and Macavity Award nominee, Timothy Hallinan, takes readers on a wild ride through the life of Junior Bender, a keen criminal whose smart mouth, witty humor, and robberies-gone-wrong land him in trouble with the Los Angeles mafia. Blackmailed into working for an L.A. crime boss, Bender finds himself escorting an adult starlet in this comedic yet thrilling textual glimpse of old Hollywood. As of November 13th, Crashed has been available for purchase both on line and in local book stores.
However, the action and adventure don’t stop there; the intriguing character and criminal mind of Junior Bender proved to be so enthralling, Soho Crime has agreed to publish two more titles in what the company believes to be a soon-to-be hit series. The story of Junior Bender continues with Little Elvises, to be released January 29, 2013, and the last of the trilogy, The Fame Thief, which will go on sale in June of 2013. Benay is proud to call Soho Press, an outstanding independent publishing company that has been releasing exciting titles for over 25 years, one of our clients. Visit their site, www.sohopress.com, to browse their catalogue for even more enjoyable reads.

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