Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Holidays: "Like" Us on Facebook, and We'll Donate $1 to Help Needy Students Graduate from Poverty!

There are so many reasons why the holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of the year. 

Though the temperatures are chilly, there’s a certain warmth felt by all during this special season. The twinkling lights lining the neighborhood brighten even the darkest nights, and the sweet aroma of pine greets you at every door. The magic of the holidays is so infectious, it even possesses otherwise fashionable people to wear the most terribly tacky knit sweaters.  

While many of you are out shopping for the perfect gift, and most likely hiding from the fashion police (which is really difficult to do while dressed up like gift wrapping), it may be difficult to find the time to give to those that are less fortunate. 

The staff at Benay knows that the holidays can be equally as hectic as they are enjoyable. For that reason, Benay has made it easier than ever to give back.  All you have to do is “Like” Benay’s page on Facebook, and the company will donate $1 for every “Like” we receive from now until the end of the joyous holiday season to, an exciting new philanthropic website giving those less fortunate the once in a lifetime opportunity to get the education they truly deserve.

In true holiday fashion, Benay will donate to this uplifting cause on behalf of our friends, clients and colleagues. “Share” our cause with your friends and relatives, and help Benay reach our goal of raising up to $3,000 for the students striving to chase their dreams via Join Benay in our quest to make a difference, and “Like” us on Facebook. 

Nilsa Benitez lives on $22 a day and dreams of opening a dental clinic in her small town in Paraguay. She can't get a  higher education without student loans! But in most developing countries, student loans do not exist, preventing young people from getting the education they need to rise out of poverty. Help us spread the word about  Vittana: "Like" us on Facebook and follow the links to Vittana.
The entire staff at Benay wishes you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year.  We thank you for your support this year, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the coming year.

All the best to you, your family, and your organization!

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