Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The IRS Lends a Helping Hand via YouTube

If hearing the words “April fifteenth” is enough to make your palms sweat, fear not!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

On Monday, March 5th the IRS released a two-minute video (seen below) entitled “How to Use the Where’s My Refund? Tool” to the YouTube public.  It provides clear, concise steps on how to go about getting your tax refund this season, as well as other information on tax returns.

The IRS YouTube channel holds many other informational videos, including what to do if your W-2 is missing, how to protect yourself from Identity Theft, and more.  They are mostly organized into playlists found on the home screen.  The main playlist is entitled “Tax Tips” which covers general FAQs that taxpayers have.  Other playlists include “Do Your Taxes for Free,” “Identity Theft,” and “Small Businesses.”

If you do end up with the IRS owing you money this tax season, the good news is that 90% of taxpayers get their returns back within a month’s time.  Some do take a bit longer to process depending on the circumstances.

To find the IRS YouTube channel go to

Most videos are offered in Spanish, ASL and various other languages.

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