Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Collusion Garners NYT Spotlight and other Notable Soho Press Releases

Collusion, a crime-fiction novel by Stuart Neville (now being called an Irish Noir), has earned itself a mention in last weekend's New York Times book review. We've mentioned the book here on our blog in the past and cited the critical amounts of success it has garnered in this age of the super-violent crime-thriller. For those interested in a brief summary of the novel, check out our previous post. The NYT review praised the novel for its gripping intensity and its unrelenting view of reality. "He doesn’t hold out any hope for is an end to the cycle of violence — not in Northern Ireland, where even today, in the midst of peace, organized crime is relentlessly intruding." unrelen The success of Collusion has also garnered Neville a 2-page profile in October's issue of Mystery Scene magazine.

Some of Soho's other releases are also receiving positive reviews from prominent sources:

Every Bitter Thing, a political crime-thriller by by Leighton Gage, has been praised by Lisa's Book Critiques for "giving us another glimpse at a beautiful country, suffering from poverty, violence, and corruption, and a small group of men who struggle against terrible odds to try to maintain a semblance of order" and will also be featured in the NYT on December 12.
Kirkus Reviews said of Devil-Devil, a fictional tale of distrust between the indigenous islanders of the Solomon Islands and the British colonial authorities by Graeme Kent, "The mystery takes a back seat to his knowledge of the exotic location and the combustible chemistry of his protagonists (the oddest couple since The African Queen), which add immensely to his story's charm.”

So if you're looking for a good mystery for this Thanksgiving or gift for the coming Holiday season, here are some great new books from Soho Press

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