Friday, November 5, 2010

Great New Books from Soho Press

Gee Yikes!!! It's been a while since I've blogged anything. Guess I've got some catching up to do.

All right readers, get excited! There are some great new reads coming out from Soho Press and getting some pretty impressive media buzz.

Let's start with Collusion by Stewart Neville, a sequel to his award-winning debut novel, The Twelve (released as Ghosts of Belfast in the US). Collusion follows former paramilitary killer, Gerry Fegan, into New York City. There, he hides from a past he escaped at a terrible cost. The novel is thrilling, suspenseful, and receiving huge buzz. Carlo Wolff of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote, "Neville has a lock on dread... full bodied and credible... The question Neville raises with singularly artful drama is whether survival is enough to keep one going. We'll see." Joseph B. Hoyos of writes, "Collusion is highly recommended reading for those who enjoy gritty crime fiction, especially Irish noir. This complex thriller contains numerous twists and surprises." Furthermore, Collusion earned Neville a spotlight blog on Large Hearted Boy (a MUSIC Blog!), where he revealed his hard-rocking playlist for Collusion. So what is Irish noir exactly? Go pick up Stewart Neville's books now and see for yourself.

Here's another good one: Crown of Dust by Mary Voler. The New York Journal of Books calls Crown of Dust "a lovely paean to all the little towns born during the California gold rush, and an emotional elegy to the forgotten souls who worked, loved, and died in such places."

And of course some of the great books we have spotlighted in the past (Love Songs from a Shallow Grave and Rag and Bone) continue to garner positive reviews.

Don't you have some reading to do?

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