Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Noir Down Under

Soho Press will be bringing Australian author Gary Disher’s latest entry in the Wyatt series to American shores this August.  Named simply Wyatt, the book follows its unscrupulous main character of the same name as he attempts follows stolen goods, grabbing as much as he can for himself while staying alive. 

Disher’s novel has been compared favorably to the work of noir master Richard Stark in at least two places this month, while grabbing additional respect for tight writing and a main character who is as thoughtful and methodical as he is callous and without mercy.  Wyatt gets his hands dirty often enough to satisfy fans of action, but it is the way he approaches situations, and the other people he meets in Melbourne’s shadows, which drives the narrative forward.

In the end, Wyatt faces a challenge unlike all the inept thugs and the femme fatales he has maneuvered through in the series.  Wyatt comes face-to-face with another of his kind, a man without morals or pity, who is only interested in the next big score.  If you like your crime dark and your heroes anti, Wyatt is sure to satisfy.

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