Monday, April 25, 2011

Two New Titles from the Trenches

Soho Crime’s Potsdam Station, by David Downing, appears in yet another favorable review, this time by Marilyn Stasio of the New York Times.  

Stasio seems impressed by Downing’s main character, John Russell, the travelling American Journalist who spends much of Potsdam Station fighting to get back into Berlin to save his lover.  “Downing provides no platform for debate in this unsentimental novel,” Stasio says, “leaving his hero to ponder the ethics of his pragmatic choices while surveying the ground-level horrors to be seen in Berlin. The assaults on the ear are no less shocking, from the screams of women in the night to the appalling silence at the end of it all.”

Frank Weimann of Literary Group International has been busy as well, landing a deal for Gary O’Neal’s American Warrior.  The book provides a look into the Vietnam War through the eyes of a soldier, and the story of a man who is as cold and brutal as an endless blizzard to enemies at war, yet calm as the fallen snow in the quiet between battles.  The tale of this army tracker was sold to Tom Dunne of Thomas Dunne Books.

If you are a fan of war stories and determined men of character don’t miss either of these titles.

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