Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming Soon, a New Take on a Classic: Moby-Dick in Pictures

Tin House Books’ Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page is exactly what it sounds like. Artist Matt Kish has created 552 illustrations based on each page of Herman Melville’s original. To create these images, Kish used all sorts of different mediums, from ballpoint pen to crayon to watercolor. He even started a blog (“One Drawing for Every page of Moby-Dick”) to record updates about his art and his process. Paula Scher, a graphic designer and artist, has nothing but praise for Kish’s work: “In an age of soulless, cookie cutter computer illustrations, Matt Kish's intense and obsessive drawings, paintings and montages are a riotous delight. Matt Kish's artwork renews our age-old love of expressive handmade imagery. He humanizes his material in way that has all but disappeared from the design scene. It's great to see that passion again.”  

Moby-Dick in Pictures will be released this October, so keep this book in mind if you’re a fan of Moby-Dick, interested in experiencing it for the first time, or simply want to check out some beautiful and unusual artwork. We can’t wait to see it ourselves!

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