Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wire to Wire by Scott Sparling: A Good Ol' Fashioned Crime Novel

My first impression of Scott Sparling’s Wire to Wire is that it seems to contain a love of the Midwest and the train-hopping charm of a book like Dharma Bums with the drugs, sex, and crime of a movie like Trainspotting. Sparling’s debut novel from Tin House took 20 years to write, and so far, everyone only has good things to say about it.

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed the book saying, “Sparling's debut is well crafted and thrilling, tying together an obvious love for both Michigan and railroads with an expert sense of timing and plot. The world he has created is both overwhelming and exhilarating, thanks in no small part to a large ensemble of memorable characters and a relentless pace.”

“While the book appears at first to be only about drug dealers and users, and thieves, murderers and other miscreants, the main characters become appealing, and there is a wonderful philosophy that shines through in their words, actions and thoughts.” –The Portland Book Review

“In this impressive debut, Scott Sparling lends contemporary grunge to the genre as he embraces its trademark obsessions with sex, cash and dead ends. His all-too-human cast of contemporary boxcar drifters, glue sniffers and thugs is drawn in an impressionistic style that makes for stunning emotional depth.”   Playboy, June 2011

“A strange, formidable novel about crossed signals and damage done, with plenty of peek-between-your-fingers moments for good measure.”  –Kirkus

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