Friday, June 24, 2011

Upcoming Mystery from Soho: Requiem for a Gypsy

In Requiem for a Gypsy, Michael Genelin’s fourth detective novel starring Bratislava Police Commander Jana Matinova, she investigates a series of murders and disappearances starting with the assassination of a prominent businessman’s wife. A review in Monday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has great things to say about the book: “[Genelin] depicts vividly the effects of old-style corruption on the burgeoning democratic society in present-day Slovakia, and can weave together a fast-moving whodunit populated with flamboyant characters who flit through the European capitals…Every character, major or minor in the plot, just about jumps off the page. Mr. Genelin seems incapable of writing a dull page.” Requiem for a Gypsy will be released by Soho Crime this July.

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