Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Gripping and compelling novel, SOHO’s Sand Queen brings the Iraq War to your living room.

Sand Queen brings the perspective of female veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom into light. Nineteen year old Kate Brady, a Specialist in the United States Army, is assigned to guard an American prison in the deserts of Iraq.  There she meets an Iraqi local named Naema Jassim whose father and brother are detained in the prison. They soon become friends who promised to help each other through these difficult times. But as the war rages their relationship begins to strain. Kate’s difficult tasks of being a female soldier in Iraq and Naema being a female civilian in Iraq, both struggle to survive the constant dangers of everyday life.

Drafted from real life accounts of female soldiers and Iraqi civilians, Sand Queen is hailed on shedding light of the horrendous impact of the Iraq war on women both, soldiers and civilians.

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