Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Akashic Books!

Benay is honored to welcome our newest  client, Akashic Books.  Akashic is an independent publisher of literary fiction and political nonfiction dedicated to amplifying the voice of authors being ignored by larger media companies.  Their recent release, Go the F**k to Sleep, has hit the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly and IndieBound bestseller lists.  The audio book is narrated by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, the F-word artist of our time.

Akashic’s catalog satisfies a wide range of readers with titles from criminal fiction like The Cocaine Chronicles, by Gary Phillips and Jervey Tervalo, and The Plot Against Hip Hop, by Nelson George, to truly novel non-fiction, including the latest political cartoon and commentary release by Mr. Fish, GO FISH: How to Win Contempt and Influence People.  These are published side-by-side with the ambitious Noir series, a collection of crime stories by genre-writing geniuses and literary fiction greats with volumes creeping from the sunset-shadowed alleys of San Francisco to sweltering Haiti nights.

Akashic likely gets its rock star attitude and bold strides toward success from its Editor in Chief, Johnny Temple.  Temple plays bass for the band Girls Against Boys (styled GVSB).  Among his other duties, Temple finds time to organize the popular Brooklyn Book Festival.   

With a diverse, competent staff, fresh and fearless authors, and one foot firmly planted in success, Akashic is poised to become a growing, maverick force in the publishing world.

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