Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Akashic: The Beast Master

It’s a battle for Earths very existence, as an alien race of religious extremists plans to ritualistically annihilation our planet. The only man aware of this imminent threat is an untouchable media baron by the name of Milan Marlowe.

Earth’s only move is to fend off the invaders according to their holy law and issue The Challenge of the Heretic—a winner-take-all gladiator battle for our right to exist.  In order to find Earth’s champion, Marlowe launches Beast Wars, a televised interspecies competition intended to select Earth’s
strongest champion. On a remote island, sharks, tigers, bears, and gorillas square off to an excited crowed.

Enter Bruno-bolo, a single father, blue’s belter, and alligator wrestler from the swamps of the Everglades. Overwhelmed by personal demons, corporatized killer sharks, Yeats-quoting pit fighters, and looming alien slayers, Bruno will rise as our distressed planet’s final hope.

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