Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The secret...Book Clubs

The opportunity to meet your dedicated and even potential fan base cannot go undone for published authors. In comes the book club. These meetings are the best opportunity to stimulate discussion about your work through social networking, online and public communities and other outlets. “Not only does our group of about a dozen buy the selected book,” one book club member acknowledges, “but when we connect to the authors directly, we tend to read everything they put out next, even if we don’t do it as a group.” 

Authors benefit with direct sales when attending these meetings. One author sold 30 copies of his first two novels to members and took home orders for 50 more copies. Though the financial aspect is rewarding, the creative critiques are also empowering to an author. Blunt questions directed to the author force the author to evaluate where the author is and how they can grow in order to make the next novel more appealing to a potential fan base. “The sales spike is minimal even if members buy future books,” an author notes, “but the interaction is invaluable. You’re building your brand and reader base.”

Along with other benefits book clubs can provide, authors cite opportunities to get members to post reviews on websites such as Amazon and Barns & Nobles and use them to promote forthcoming titles. All in all book clubs are an excellent way to self-promote your titles and get in touch with your fan base to better your artistic literature. “I usually come home feeling like a rock star” one author recalls the benefits are there. Go and reap them young authors!

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