Monday, November 5, 2012

Soho Crime's New Fictional Publication Unveils an Upsetting Truth

Benay client, Soho Crime, Soho Press’s renowned literary international crime imprint, is proud to announce their most recent publication, Invisible Murder. Written by Danish authors Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis, this intense crime fiction brings the controversial and inhumane treatment of an Eastern European minority group known as the Roma (or Gypsies) to the international forefront. Despite their over 1000 year-long presence in Europe, the Roma have, unjustifiably so, not been granted the status as a nationally recognized minority. Moreover, these innocent people have been subject to widespread discrimination, unprovoked verbal abuse, and unfair treatment by the municipal and police offices in Denmark. Kaaberbol and Friis, in their eloquent yet suspenseful writing style, expose readers world-wide to the harsh realities this unfortunate group must face every day. The beauty of fiction has always been the author’s opportunity to, behind the colorful characters and outlandish occurrences, unveil an undeniable truth. The two Danish authors master this concept in their amazing work. Soho Crime has countless publications just as wonderful as Invisible Murder available for your reading pleasure. Within them you will encounter great literary international crime fiction featuring detectives, spies, amateur sleuths, and thieves from all over the globe. Visit to browse all of their very enjoyable reads.
Michael Iovino, Intern, Benay Enterprises.

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