Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Don’t Be a Leader or a Follower; Be a Joiner!

Join the conversation
We were all told as children that there are leaders and followers but no one talked about the rewards of being a joiner. Try being a joiner in your own organization and get more out of your business by putting in less!

Join the Conversation, Don't Lead

During our weekly office meetings I always try to speak last so I can hear the concerns, thoughts, and issues of my team. By speaking last I don't lead or direct the conversation but rather act as just another participant. I also learn what is of concern and what's really important as opposed to my own preconceptions.

Follow the Lead of Your Team

My inclination is to always give my opinion but that quickly stifles discussion as I'm the head of the company.  When there's an important company decision to be made, let others give you their reasons for or against an idea and then weigh in. Many times others have better or more developed ideas, or are coming at a conclusion from a very different vantage point. You can always have the last word but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best.

Encourage Frank Speaking

If people know they can truly voice their opinions, innovation and change become encouraged and welcomed. Let people know they can interrupt you or suggest a change when necessary, especially if they think they’ll keep you from making a mistake or not putting forth the best effort you and your company have to give.

Enjoy Fresh Ideas

After 23 years in this business and with staff members who have been with our organization for 8, 10, 15 years or more, it's not uncommon for me to be overridden by staff on opinions and to be honest, most of the time they are right. That doesn’t mean they don’t respect me or my vision for the company. Rather, it makes room for others to jump in with their own ideas, which may be newer, fresher, or better. Conversations rather than decrees build a team.

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