Friday, July 19, 2013

The Literary Group Merges With Folio; Impressive Roster Of Agents Draws Attention

by Colleen McClintock

Benay client, The Literary Group International (LGI), saw its biggest change in company history on July 1st, when it finalized its merger with Folio Literary Management. Upon the merger, it was decided that the company would maintain the Folio title.

October Sky, by Homer Hickam;
just one of many famous books
backed by The Literary Group.
LGI founder Frank Weimann will take the roll of Senior Vice President and Director of Operations. LGI agents Katherine Latshaw and Jeff Silberman will join the Folio team as well; Latshaw, as a full time agent, and Silberman, as a separate entity working in affiliation with Folio.

Though the company will keep the Folio name, there is no doubt that The Literary Group’s role will be an invaluable part of Folio’s future. Weimann’s roster alone boasts an impressive spread, with titles like the recent Grace, Gold and Glory by Olympic gold medalyst, Gabby Douglas, and the gripping autobiography by Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers, entitled My Cross to Bear.

The Literary Group’s past successes have also included a wide variety of books – How-Tos by Tia Mowry, Carmen Electra, and Warren Brown and memoirs by Ed Hardy, Chris Perez, and Homer Hickam.

Neither company has made comment on the merger so far, but the prospects look promising for both as they move together towards a more secure, fortified future.

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