Thursday, April 14, 2011

Consulting and Small Business

If your small business has grown enough that you can’t personally relate your company’s vision to every employee, it has probably grown to the point where you would benefit from the services of an outside consultant, according to the latest article by Financial Post. Small businesses going through a growth spurt are actually in a better position than larger ones, however. The article advises that owners of small businesses have to deal with the challenges of a tight budget and are generally unwilling at first to spend money on outside services or consultation, but that these services are an important part of the growth process. 

Understanding of a company, the industry in which it operates, and the company’s place in it are key traits of a consulting service that will give these small businesses maximum value. By networking and being active in its field, often times, a small business will be able to find an individual or company which is uniquely suited to provide advice at a fraction of what larger businesses pay. 

Regardless of the method business owners use to acquire quality advice, one thing seems clear: Businesses which do not seek consultation as they move out of the beginning stages of their life are much less likely to succeed.

“The bottom line is great ideas make for great startups, but great companies require something more. And those great startups who think they can become great companies without any help from outside their own walls are risking the very lifeblood of their business,” says Rowley Mossop, principal of independent consultancy Innovia Partners Ltd.

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