Monday, April 11, 2011

MTV and More

This month has been a busy one for our clients and favorite publishers, with several deals to report and of course more on the horizon.

The Literary Group International continues to prove both well connected and capable of closing titanic deals, landing MTV Chairman and CEO Bill Roedy’s What Makes Business Rock for Koerner & Kronefeld Partners. What Makes Business Rock will relive Roedy’s experience crafting the world famous, hugely successful entertainment network.

Fans of history should enjoy The Overlook Press’s two newest acquisitions, Martin Sixsmith’s Russia: The Wild East, A History and Joseph Kelly’s America’s Longest Siege. Both review the troubled past of one of the world’s largest nations and explore how old problems continue to affect their populations today. Sixsmith’s book covers a broad arc of time, from Russia’s birth in the tenth century to the present day, and reveals the complexities of its modern incarnation. Kelly’s America’s Longest Siege will highlight a Southern sin older even than slavery: the suppression of dissent.

Michael Tucker’s Like Life was also signed to Overlook last week. According to Publisher’s Marketplace, Tucker’s latest is “a novel about love and loss between soulmates Herbie and Annie, set among a diverse cast of characters that support the couple with humor and guidance.”

Finally, Granta has struck a deal with Guardian journalist, Patrick Barkham, author of The Butterfly Isles, to publish a natural history of the badger in 2013.  Apparently there are more badgers in Britain than anywhere else in the world. This fact combined with Barkham’s mother’s legacy as a champion against the mass-slaughtering of badgers, makes the journalist uniquely suited to tell the territorial animal’s story.

So keep an eye out for all of these titles to appear on bookshelves in the near future.

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