Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome Rubicon Seven!

Benay is proud to announce our newest client, Rubicon Seven LLC, a visionary provider of land-use solutions.  Rubicon’s vision is not only found in its designs, but also in the lasting effect those projects have on communities both local and global.  Rubicon Seven uses green technology and holistic methods to pursue its mission of improving lives as well as improving the environment, all while building meaningful places that enrich both consumers and the community as a whole.

The company is led by its founder, Tedrowe Bonner, an interdisciplinary scholar with degrees in political economics and statistics from the Universities of Massachusetts and Boston, respectively, and who has   an avid interest in global sociology, environmental sociology, urban sociology, and methodology.  Alongside his endeavors to make Rubicon Seven’s projects aesthetic and functional successes, Mr. Bonner completes work on his PhD in sociology.

Mr. Bonner and Rubicon Seven are currently engaged in several projects to revitalize community involvement and stand as an example of the power of communal effort and green building methods.  Anyone inspired by the cause can visit Rubicon Seven’s home page, where there is more detailed information about Mr. Bonner’s vision and the company’s current projects, as well as opportunities for you to get involved through sponsorship, advising, or investment.

We look forward to working with Rubicon Seven in the years ahead and are very proud to be a part of this noble effort.

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