Friday, February 11, 2011

Fiction in the Pacific

Earlier this week we mentioned the success of Neptune’s Inferno, The Literary Group International’s best-seller about the naval battles surrounding the Guadalcanal campaign of World War II.  Coincidently, another book coming out this month, Soho’s Devil-Devil by Graeme Kent, is set in the same area, just after the war.  

Murder and mystery find their way to the Solomon Islands, and the duty calls Ben Kella to dig up answers and set affairs right.  But it isn’t only Ben’s job because he’s a sergeant in the Solomon Islands Police Force.  He’s also an aofia, a spiritual peacekeeper who inherits the responsibility when he is born.  Because of his dual role, neither the police nor his people fully trust Ben.  

While searching for a missing anthropologist, Ben uncovers evidence of an uprising, gets cursed by one of the island’s magic men, and teams up with young American nun, Sister Conchita, to solve a series of murders that seems to be involved in all their other misfortunes.  We think the story is packed with enough flavor and suspense to support a whole series of books, and apparently Soho agrees.  This month they’ve announced that this book will only be the first.

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