Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot Upcoming Soho Title

There’s a lot of buzz about Soho’s upcoming title, Stolen Lives by Jassy Mackenzie.  Both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews have taken notice, reviewing advanced copies of the mystery novel, which will be available in hardcover April 2011.  

Stolen Lives is Mackenzie’s follow up to Random Violence in her series about Jade de Jong, a private investigator working the eclectic streets of Johannesburg.  The affair she started in Random Violence falls apart.  She calls it quits with Police Superintendent David Patel, only to discover that his wife is being blackmailed and his child has been kidnapped.  Meanwhile, Jade takes an easy job working as a bodyguard for Pamela Jordaan, a woman whose husband has recently disappeared.  

The plot thickens when she finds Pamela’s husband tortured and barely alive, leading her to a realization that both the kidnapping and the attempts on Pamela’s life are tied to a human trafficking organization much larger than all of them.  Stolen Lives isn’t out yet, but we’re eagerly awaiting our copies.  Look for it in early April for a fast-paced, page turner splashed with gunpowder and blood—just the way we like our Soho mysteries!

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