Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Q&A

Just in time for a holiday of love and longing, Anouchka Grose, author of Tin House Books’ Why Do Fools Fall in Love, will be answering readers’ questions about romance on the Powell’s Books blog.  From the humorous to the heart-breaking, Grose will be on hand to help navigate your concerns.  

According to her bio, “Anouchka Grose was born in Sydney, Australia, but has lived in London most of her life. She is currently a writer and psychoanalyst, but has also worked as a musician, receptionist, editor, jewelry designer, and lampshade maker.”  

Why Do Fools Fall in Love has been a great success.  In it, Grose talks about the bitter experiences and brutal statistics that tell us that most relationships end it tears.  But we keep losing sleep, friends, and sanity pursuing them, she says.  Grose contemplates what it is about relationships that fascinate us so much.  With a healthy dose of sympathy and straight-talk, she reviews the thoughts of poets, scientists, philosophers, and shrinks, and offers a few solutions to the problems of love.  Check out Powell’s blog for your chance to learn from the master.

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