Friday, February 4, 2011

More Titles for Campfire

Publisher Steerforth is planning on publish thirty-seven new titles in its Campfire series (graphic novels targeted at the English-speaking market in Southeast Asia and based on classic novels and mythology) after the success of its first fourteen entries.

“The Random House library marketers take them to conferences and librarians snap them up and school jobbers love them,” Steerforth publisher Chip Fleischer told Publishers Weekly.  “When we can get them into the stores people buy them.”

The graphic novels appear to have found their niche.  Several high schools are attempting to use them to reach reluctant readers, children who cannot be drawn into the act of reading by the typical means.  By pairing exciting pictures with text in smaller, more manageable sections, the Campfire series is far more accessible to adolescents with no interest in typical books, younger children who are ready to take on more challenging material ahead of their peers, or anyone who enjoys either graphic novels or timeless classics.

We wish Steerforth the best in 2011 and encourage all of our readers to look for their new Campfire titles in the year ahead.

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