Monday, March 7, 2011

Benay's 25th Anniversary

This August will mark Benay Enterprises’ triumphant 25th year in business.  Benay has been growing steadily since its founding by Neil Reshen in 1986, providing back-office and business management services for new clients around the world.  Today, Neil’s daughter, Dawn Reshen-Doty, continues his legacy, offering modern techniques with a trusted pedigree as President of Benay.  

It has been our privilege to provide businesses and individual clients alike with business management and bookkeeping services such as payroll preparation, benefits, insurance, and accounts payable and receivable for a quarter of a decade. We’ve provided income statements, balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow documentation, budget projection, as well as royalty statements for years, but it’s our relationship with our clients of which we are the most proud.

The fine people at The Literary Group International have been with us for over fifteen years.  We’ve served Steerforth Press for over ten and The Overlook Press for eight, and the bright young intern, Merrilee Warholak, who walked through our door thirteen years ago is still with us, working as Director of Client Relations, making all of them happy.  We’re working hard for Soho Press, Tin House Books, The Disinformation Company, Granta USA and Eskandar New York too so we can list them all again during our next milestone announcement.  

Thank all of you for turning your daily grind into peace of mind, with Benay.

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