Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love Shrinks

On May 3rd Soho fans will have another interesting read on their hands in Love Shrinks: A Memoir of a Marriage Counselor's Divorce, Sharyn Wolf’s new book about her marriage failing at a time when she appeared as a guest on Oprah for publishing a best-selling novel about making love work.  While offering up advice on dating, she struggled with a fifteen year marriage in which she and her husband had sex only twice.  And despite her incredible success as a writer of relationship advice, she could not convince her husband to read any of her books.

Love Shrinks offers a peek into Wolf’s torn life, but more than irony, it offers up a genuine portrait of a couple of good people who made each other miserable despite themselves.  The novel is peppered with real life accounts of Wolf’s patients and their problems, how she would handle each successfully or unsuccessfully, while nothing was working right in her own relationship.  Despite their difficulties, Wolf remembers her husband’s good points, ending each chapter with an explanation of the good qualities that kept her with him.

Earlier this week, Wolf sat down with the good people at Unabashedly Bookish to give an interview about what made her decide to write Love Shrinks.  Get a taste of Wolf’s story by reading the interview here.

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