Monday, March 21, 2011


Luminarium, by Soho’s Alex Shakar, will be released this August.  Life has changed dramatically for George Brounian in a very short time.  Once, he was the co-CEO of a successful business in New York City, creating virtual paradises.  Now he lives with his mother, while his brother lies in a coma, and the company they built together is snatched away by military contractors.  When a beautiful woman promises him an answer in the form of a new neurological study which offers peak experiences and a spiritual rebirth, George struggles to define what is real.  Soon, he receives emails and texts, apparently from his unconscious brother.

Luminarium is a novel that entertains, while examining the role of the virtual in shaping the real and reaffirming the power of a brother’s love.  Look for it later this year.

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