Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Literary Group Topping Charts

Our clients at The Literary Group International seem to have found another runaway hit in Harry Markopolos’ memoir No One Would Listen.  The book recounts Harry’s investigation into the famous  Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, from Harry’s initial revelation about the NASDAQ chairman’s impossible claims, to his early attempts to warn the SEC, and his eventual vindication when Madoff was indicted.

No One Would Listen delivers a thrilling financial alongside Markopolos’ personal trials and drama.  Perhaps it is the mix of those two elements, paired with excellent narration, which has placed the book on the Bloomburg list of Top 30 business books of 2010 and rocketed it into the iTunes’ top five Best Books of the year.

There’s no doubt that No One Would Listen is a captivating success, riding the wave of public interest in the financial world in the aftermath of these recent economic storms.  The memoir serves not only as a engaging story, but also as a warning to all of us about how easily the system can be undermined, and how important it is for one man to persevere in the face of wrongdoing.  Read it today, or download it from iTunes to play during your daily commute.

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