Friday, March 25, 2011

Red All Over

The Literary Group International’s most recent success, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock— Sammy Hagar’s memoir of his personal journey through the world of music—will be #1 on the New York Times book list next week.  Red gives the inside story of Hagar’s rise from an independent musician writing songs about the things he loved, to the front man of one of the world’s most recognizable bands, and beyond.  

Honest and optimistic, Hagar relates the struggles, troubles, and decisions made as they happened.  But the revelations in Red deal as much with the rock star’s personal decisions and the experiences that have made him the man he became as they do with well-known controversies and his eventual departure from Van Halen.  Red takes readers beyond the bands, to Hagar’s foray into the world of business and the beginnings of his tequila brand Cabo Wabo, his personal life and family.

Red promises to be a continuing success, a must-read for fans of Hagar, Van Halen, rock, or wild times of any kind. 

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