Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Benay Client on the Horizon

We’d like to introduce all of our readers to Digital Overload, our newest client.  They intend to be at the forefront of digital entertainment, opening up their first gaming center in Connecticut early in 2011.  From tabletop cards, PC, and console video gaming, Digital Overload will offer the latest experiences, the hottest titles, and the most competitive tournament ladders on state of the art equipment including 30-inch LCDs and a wall-length, jaw-dropping projector screen.

The video game industry has grown steadily from its humble roots over the last decade.  No doubt all of you have seen your friends, children, or family hunched forward, gripping sleek controllers and yelling wildly as they jump pits, fire cannons, or fight monsters appearing on the screens before them.  Perhaps you have spent more than a few hours in the same frantic pose.  Digital Overload is poised to give this frenzy a permanent home with late hours, in-store rankings, and a library of games for competitive and league play.

Check out their beta website here and don’t forget to watch this blog for updates and information about their grand opening!

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