Monday, January 31, 2011

Kirkus Reviews Tin House's Latest

Tin House’s Toward You, by Jim Krusoe, was mentioned today in Kirkus Reviews, receiving recognition as a book of remarkable quality.  The bizarre and lovely story is centered on a man named Bob who studied to get a degree in Auralogy and Past Life Regressology and has a strange tendency to assign importance and meaning to unusual events.  Obviously, when a dog with the same name as him shows up and gets run over outside of his house, Bob’s burial of the animal becomes the springboard to an absurd search for meaning and validation.

Bob meets an ex-classmate he used to fawn over and her new police officer boyfriend as they search for the dog that bit their daughter, Dee Dee.  The little girl and Bob become much closer, however, after she dies and Bob creates a device out of household junk to communicate with the other side.  Toward You is the third book in this series of quirky, heavy-hearted misadventures.  Check it out for yourself.

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