Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Nods to Soho

There is plenty of recognition for A Stranger on the Planet, Soho’s newest novel by Adam Schwartz.  The book is mentioned both in The New York Times and by the Jewish Book Council this week.  Recommended for its quirky, meaningful moments, the story follows 12-year-old Seth Shapiro, a needy, awkward youth, as he meanders through life with his suffocating, crazy mother.

Seth often fantasizes about his missing father, who has no interest in him or his siblings.  Wondering what would happen if his father found his drowning body, he pictures both his father’s regret and the man’s disdainful disappointment.  Together with his twin sister and their other brother, Seth struggles through his father’s remarriage, and his mother’s engagement to a man she has known for only two weeks.  

Each chapter skips forward ahead in Seth’s life, chronicling his existence by the women and relationships that fill it with meaning, for better or worse.  At his journey’s conclusion, he uncovers deep truths, not only about himself, but his family, and the women he has loved.  Get to know the Shapiros and their confused, loveable son; pick up a copy today.

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