Monday, January 24, 2011

New Benay Internship

Not long ago, we posted an opening for an accounting and bookkeeping internship for credit through Western Connecticut State University.  You are probably wondering what kind of outstanding, young individual we found to fill the position.  We are pleased to officially welcome Dave Carey of Western Connecticut State University to our team as the first intern in this program.  

Dave is going to learn how to create, enter, and review accounting entries including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general journal entries, job or segment creation, bank reconciliations, and more, all under the supervision of Dawn and our staff of bookkeepers.

Dave, and all future candidates, will gain first-hand knowledge of the importance of bookkeeping and ledger entries for consulting, evaluating, researching, and implementing emerging accounting options and software as they further the bookkeeping goals of Benay and other companies who require financial, accounting, and bookkeeping assistance.  Combining information learned from their curricula with their own ideas and our company’s business management experience, they will create a successful course of work that they can call their own, display in a portfolio, or apply toward their thesis projects.

At a minimum of 12 hours a week, Dave will be able to earn three college credits for free!  He’ll be learning the tricks of the trade from our outstanding staff, so look for him in the upcoming year as he finishes his degree and moves on to put the skills he’s been given to good use.  Welcome aboard Dave!

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